Madame Zaubera

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Madame Zaubera
Fortune-Telling Puppet Diorama
August 2014
cat skull, grouse feet, paperclay, acrylic paint, LED lights, glass, wooden box, paper, fabric, PVC, ink, dowels, metal hardware, styrofoam, quartz crystals, rabbit fur, steel sheets, plywood
© Dver

A mad person’s relation to objects

“At times, the puppet shares with the mask a power to give form to gods and demons, to the spirits of the dead….In such cases the manipulator, even the puppet itself, can take on the guise of a priest or shaman.”

“Puppet theatre is a highly refined art, but depends on something like a child’s, a clown’s, or a mad person’s relation to objects…They are dead things that belong to a different kind of life.”

(Kenneth Gross, Puppet: An Essay on Uncanny Life)